Optimization of Strip Fertilization Planter for Straw Throwing and Paving

Shi, Yinyan and Yu, Hanwen and Jiang, Ye and Wang, Xiaochan and Chen, Hongtao and Liu, Hui (2022) Optimization of Strip Fertilization Planter for Straw Throwing and Paving. Agriculture, 12 (5). p. 613. ISSN 2077-0472

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To enhance the operation effect and working performance of our previously developed strip fertilization planter for broken straw back throwing and inter-row laying, and to improve the stability of straw crushing and consistency of straw mulching between rows (broken straw inter-row mulching), the key operation parameters of the planter were optimized in this study. On the basis of determining the transmission route and matching power consumption, the discrete element method was used to establish a mechanical model of straw particles using the EDEM software, which was then imported into the rigid–flexible coupled system of the ‘shredded straw-mechanism’. Quadratic regression orthogonal methods and rotation combination experiments were then designed to carry out a DEM virtual simulation and numerical simulation, and the optimal combination of operating parameters affecting planter working performance was obtained, which was also verified by field tests. The simulation test results showed that the smashing spindle speed (A) had the most significant influence on the coefficient of variation (Y1) of straw crushing, followed by the planter working forward speed (C). The conveying impeller speed (B) had the most significant influence on the coefficient of variation (Y2) of inter-row straw mulching, also followed by (C). The optimal combination of operating parameters after optimization were A = 2060.79 rpm, B = 206.25 rpm, and C = 0.95 m·s−1, and the optimal working performance of the planter was obtained as Y1 = 8.51% and Y2 = 10.34%. The evaluation index results corresponding to the field test were Y1 = 9.35% and Y2 = 10.97%, which met the technical requirements of the relevant operation machinery; the relative errors of the simulation test results were 9.87% and 9.63%, respectively, indicating the effectiveness of the virtual numerical simulation and the rationality of the optimized operation parameters. Our results provide a technical reference for realizing high-quality and smooth no-tillage seeding operations.

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