A Review on Pyrolysis for Sustainable Biomass Conversion

Rupnar, A. K. and Jawale, Laleet (2022) A Review on Pyrolysis for Sustainable Biomass Conversion. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change. pp. 2266-2281. ISSN 2581-8627

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The use of bio-energy is rapidly increasing which is become a crucial significant way to replace fossil fuel. The depletion of fossil fuels is responsible for initiating the utilization of the sustainable energy which has been available surrounding human beings. The employment of such sustainable energy can be possible from waste procreated by living creatures and that is feasible because of thermal decomposition processes, which comprise the gasification, combustion, and pyrolysis process for the production of biochar. The present study portrayed the very promising thermal decomposition process that is the pyrolysis process. The two main pyrolysis processes explained where basic feedstock is biomass invested. This feedstock may have diverse versions as natural live or dead plants, wastage of animals, organic waste, etc. All these feedstocks are responsible for the emission of some amount of carbon which relates to the different modes of operation used in the pyrolysis biomass conversion process. The bioproduct varies due to the effect of various operating conditions such as temperature, heating rate, feedstock, reactors configuration, and reaction time. Demand for bioproducts rising in daily life Due to this circumstance Sustainability of products become prominent while exploited in the proper application such as soil amendment, soil fertility, climate change mitigation, and waste management. This review demonstrates the pyrolysis process to convert simple biomass to sustainable biochar, bio-oil, and syngas with the variation of the amount of product depending on different pyrolysis processes.

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