Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism in Decision Making of Meghalayan Age in East India

Mishra, Siba Prasad (2022) Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism in Decision Making of Meghalayan Age in East India. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change. pp. 19-37. ISSN 2581-8627

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Penultimate Epoch is the Holocene had three-way broad subdivisions (late 11.7KYBP (Year before Present), middle 8.325KYBP, and early 4.6KYBP) based on numerous imprints of geomorphologic, meteorological, ice-core, speleothem, and vegetation proxies in nature. Micro-scale ratification of the Holocene epoch, was Greenlandian (11.7KYBP-8.2KYBP), Northgrippian (8.2 to 4.2KYBP), and Meghalayan stage from (4.2KYBP to 50YBP), considering year 2000AD as threshold (b2k) based on DYE-3, GRIP, NGRIP1, NGRIP2 and GICC05, the Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 records. The Meghalayan age started with 200years mega drought that shattered primeval agriculture based civilization globally. The stalagmite from various rocks, archeological findings, pollens, δO18 isotopic studies and anomalies in Indian summer Monsoon imprints emphasize collapse of well-set Northgrippian Human civilizations in Mesopotamia, Indus and Ganga river plain (Indian subcontinent), the Akkadian Empire (NE Syria). The stratigraphic records offer evidences of climate changes, RSLR, geomorphologic, vegetative cover, Hydrologic processes. The stalagmite proxies, shift of ISM, erratic ITCZ annual drive, left proxies in Stalagmites, in the Mawmluh cave could end to the Holocene epoch classification. The Meghalayan age left exhibits of the upper Holocene that sprinted with severe prolonged droughts due to unstable erratic climate, multiple apocalyptic hazards, and extreme events due to sun-earth geometry, like shifts in Indian summer monsoon, Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), westerly disturbances, and El Nino Southerly Oscillation (ENSO) activities along eastern part of Himalayas. The ratification and retrofitting of the geological time scale during Holocene well structured and biostratigraphy of eastern India tailor-made.

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