Modified Classes of Regression-Type Estimators of Population Mean in the Presences of Auxiliary Attribute

Yunusa, M. A. and Gidado, A. and Ahijjo, Y. M. and Danbaba, A. and Abdulazeez, S. A. and Audu, A. (2022) Modified Classes of Regression-Type Estimators of Population Mean in the Presences of Auxiliary Attribute. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics. pp. 65-89. ISSN 2456-477X

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The use of relevant information from auxiliary variable at the estimation stage and design stage to obtain reliable and efficient estimate is a common practice is a sample survey. But situations arise when the available auxiliary information are attribute in nature. There are some existing estimators based on auxiliary attribute in literature, however, they are less efficient when the bi-serial correlation between the study variable and auxiliary attribute is negative. Also, some depend on an unknown parameter of the study variable (Cy) which makes their applicability of the estimators in real life situations not possible unless if the value is estimated using a large sample which requires additional resources. In this work, the concept of regression base estimator was used to obtain estimators that are independent of unknown population parameter of the study variable and applicable for both negative and positive correlations. The properties (Biases and MSEs) of the modified estimators were derived up to the first order of approximation using Taylor series approach. The efficiency conditions of the proposed estimation over the existing estimator considered in the study were established. The empirical studies were conducted using both existing population parameters and stimulation to investigate the efficiency of the proposed estimators over the efficiency of the existing estimators. The results revealed that the proposed estimators have minimum MSEs and higher PREs among all the competing estimators. These imply that the proposed estimators are more efficient and can produce better estimate of the population mean compared to other existing estimators considered in the study.

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