Standard Heterosis for Grain Yield and its Attributing Traits in Early Maturing Maize Hybrids

Kumar, S. and Fayaz, Asma and Ali, Gowher and Hamid, Aflaq and Lone, Bilal Ahmad and ., Wajhat-Un-Nisa and Qureshi, A. M. I. and Rather, M. A. and Wani, M. A. and Lone, A. A. and Khan, M. H. and Naseer, S. and Dar, Z. A. and ., Viqar-Un-Nisa (2021) Standard Heterosis for Grain Yield and its Attributing Traits in Early Maturing Maize Hybrids. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science. pp. 418-421. ISSN 2320-7035

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The present study was conducted at the research farm of Dryland Agriculture Research Station, SKUAST-Kashmir during the kharif of 2019. Range of heterosis was calculated over standard check. The most desirable cross combinations viz., KDM-440 x KDM-914A (-5.879), KDM-440 x V-335 (-4.468), KDM-930 x V-351(-4.165), KDM-927A x V-335 (-3.986), CML-470 x KDM-914A (-3.808) for days to maturity, KDM-347 x V-351 (4.967) CML-470 x KDM-914A (4.610), CML-474 × V-351(-4.396), KDM-927 A x V-351 (-3.110), KDM-930 x V 335 (2.896) for number of kernel rows per cob, KDM-347 x V-351(-7.544), KDM-440 x V-351 (6.438), KDM-916A x KDM-914 A(6.117), CML-470 × V-351(5.992), CML-474 x V-335 (5.274) for number of kernels per row, KDM-340 x V-351 (3.966), KDM340 x KDM-914A (3.150), KDM-930 x V-351(3.165), KDM-440 x KDM-914 (3.556), KDM-347 x V-351(3.324) for 100-grain weight, KDM-347 x V351 (34.197), KDM-440 x V335 (28.933), CML470 x KDM-914A (29.380), KDM-895 x KDM914A (25.383), KDM927A x KDM-914A (19.549) for grain yield per plant were observed in the present study. The range of heterosis over standard check for days to maturity from -3.796 (CML-425 × KDM-914A) to (2.414) CML-474 × KDM-914A. The extent of heterosis for number of kernel rows per ear over standard check ranged from CML-470 x V-335(28.576) to KDM-916A × V -335(-2.143), for quantity of kernels per row maximum well known heterosis ranged from CML-470 × V-351 (19.079) to KDM-347 × V-351 (-15.132), for 100- grain weight, heterosis ranged from 22.3% for CML-470 x KDM-914 A to -3.5% for KDM-916A × V-335. For grain yield per plant, heterosis ranged from 61.9% for CML-470 x K DM-914 A to 9.3% for KDM916A x V-335. Standard heterosis for crosses CML -470 × KDM-914 A, CML-474 × V-351, KDM-440 × V-335 should be tested for multilocation to make valid conclusion related to their use in commercial maize cultivation.

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